Friday, August 22, 2008

Life's Unexpected Turn

Well, after what seems like forever hoping, praying, and trying my butt is finally married. I couldn't be more happier.

My deepest thanks to everyone who could attend and dealt with everything that I had to throughout that experience.

I really haven't much to say in this post, as I'm still in somewhat bliss that I can somewhat forget the US interaction of Georgia w/ Russia basically threatening the comical "Them or us" girlfriend break-up theme. I really am not annoyed that Barry O. decided to launch a attack on John McCain about how many houses he owns, yet seemingly forgetting about his problematic housing situation himself.

Instead, I'm going to smile a bit at how much in love I am with my wife (I finally get to say that) and thank God for putting her in my life.

Now all I gotta do is slowly help her lose her evil Liberal ways..

Although, just as a amusing note...

I saw this a little while ago:

Most people have been getting pissy with it, but this is what I saw earlier that day over at a FYE a day before the commercial went public.

Totally not a celebrity my ass... (which, by the way, was a direct quote from him.)

[edit] Aaaannnd finally, with the DNC only minutes away, let us stand up and salute to the Obama National Anthem (maybe this one he'll stand at attention)


Laura said...

Mozel Tov. Best wishes...Sunrise Sunset etc. etc.
Best to you and your wife.
A good marriage is an amazing thing.
(Incidently,I love being married to my husband.)

Flession said...

I truly hope that everyone can be as blessed as that, to love their spouses still after years of marriage and just dealing with each other.

With how my generation has ended up, though, I think that a relationship such as yours and my father's & mother's will only be obtainable at your local movie theatre.