Sunday, March 23, 2008

An Attack on the Church I Fully Support...the Co$

As some of you may or may not know, I have focused the studies on my Catholic faith to focus on mainly researching other religions, thus being able to discuss with different beliefs in a intellectual manner when the moment comes. This, unfortunately, does not make me as verse with the main book, the Bible, as I want to be. This actually prevents me from debating with other Christians, however, I am great in verse against non-Christians. This is something I have strived to do, and I wish to continue with this.

One of the reasons I bring this up is that I have done, since 2001, tons of research involving lots of groups. One group I wish to focus on, though, happens to be one you may be somewhat familiar with is $cientology.

$cientology happens to be a cult that was made somewhat popular due to Tom Cruise over the recent years, but was started by a somewhat mediocre Science Fiction Writer named L. Ron Hubbard quite a number of years ago. Since then, they have used and abused almost any and all copyright laws in existence, attempted a break-in on the IRS, attempted to commit a author for attacking them, attempted to control a entire city in Flordia, assault anyone who dares to attack them, oh, did I mention the fight against shrinks, not to mention several notable murders & susicides caused by them?

It's gotten to a point where we, as people, should stand up against them. Which is why we must turn to a group that has no name.


Anonymous are a group who have been recently been fighting Scientology over the withdrawal of a $cientology Promotional Video made by Tom Cruise that can only be shown to people who are higher up the food chain in Scientology. After that, they've done some attacks on them. They are also pressing the IRS to remove their tax exemption status, usually held for religions that don't...threaten our existence. Hopefully, with their help, they will remove them from the internet and, if they so wish it, help them move along to Free Zone, or preferably re-find God in their lives.

So, I just wish to say that if you want to help, listen to the Padres' words:

And to Anon, I wish to say that, although I avoid /b/ like the plague, I hope to see some of you in Charlotte April 12th.

Fight the good fight!


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Something amusing to think about:

Charles Manson studied Scientology for a little while. He bought over 150 hrs of classes, then decided to reject it because it was "too crazy".

Just something to dwell on.