Saturday, January 26, 2008

Why I'm a Conservative Republican: Reason #1721

I've talked about it with several people already, but I have yet to speak of the joys I have felt on here (which would make a good second post, I feel)

So a month ago I was working at my job when this woman comes up to me asking for a cookie. Since I work at the Doubletree, we provide our guests with cookies. However, we were told that any additional cookies would cost money. I told the lady this and she said we got them for free. I then instructed her of this new situation that was discussed no more than a day ago.

To which she told me, and I quote:

"If I were some white blonde bitch I bet you would give me those cookies for free."

Yes, ladies and gentlemen...she played

The Race Card (TM)

This, personally, is one of my biggest pet peeves. I was raised well enough to know to view people past skin long as they're not running in my general direction late at night...or looking behind me whenever I go to my ATM at night...

I'm shocked by such a action, I just looked at her like I was about to smack her and offered her all the free cookies she could eat, but she said no. Before she left, I remarked that I hope my Hispanic fiancee can forgive me for being such a racist and she walked off in disgust. Thus, I repelled her race card with yet another race card! Fortunately, I got mine in a few months ago when I proposed.

Everything else went smoothly. The boss (who's black) apologized to the black woman and basically cracked jokes with me behind her back. I mentioned she might be back to play from a new deck: the ACLU...

you know, the Anti-Cookie League Union.

Or the NAACP deck? The National Advancement Against Cookie Pilfering.

I can imagine her forming a protest in the middle of the streets, screaming "Free at Last! Free at Last! Good God, the Cookies are Free at last!"

People need to learn when to pick their battles and stop calling a orange a banana.

Anyways, I found a discussion board about experiences of bigotry, and I figured I would express my feelings of it thru a forum. Seems harmless, right? I was experiencing bigotry...I should show my experiences to show the other races that even the majority can still get called upon the blame game.

Everyone who saw my post shouted praise upon the land, giving me encouraging words about my experiences and let me know that bigotry knows no bounds: even through the colors of the skin.

You know, the way you'd expect from a bunch of college students posting in a ultra-liberal forum.

Didn't realize it at the time, but apparently I didn't have a right to complain about feeling bigotry. After all, I'm the bigot. And after three days of discussion, I was called a time-traveling Martian Objectivist who had sex with a Southern Girl who wasn't a slave owner.

Needless to say, a intelligent conversation for a liberal is hard to come by. Only 3 people actually attempted to discuss this with me in a rational manner...for a while.

I did the only thing I could do. I insulted the Left Wing's religion-substitute (Evolution) and stopped posting on that thread before the flames began to rise.

I was Liberal for a few years. I like to call it my "dumb" days. I basically did the same thing...sorry, I've never done the same thing. I'm not surprised I've slowly "evolved" into a Conservative on my own after awhile. When you deal with this amount of garbage for long enough that it hurts your head, it's time to leave the group before it's too late.

But more on that another time.

Well, I feel this is a much better post than the first one...I hope you enjoyed it ^_^


Goodnight, Mom said...

Nip, you are awesome!

Keep posting!!!

Big Sis

Laura said...

Oh groan.
"Some white b*tch?"
Who says stuff like that anymore?
That sounds like a quote from a bad 70's afterschool special.
That situation smelleth.