Saturday, January 19, 2008

Anything in Latin Sounds Profound

I've noticed that people like to use Latin for the titles of their blog. So I decided to go along with the in-crowd, since that is what I am prone to do, of course. Next thing you know, I might just start talking about how Britney Spears went crazy the other day. I frankly don't really care about her situation, really. She's dug herself in the grave she's in and if she's not smart enough to find the pick left down there to get her out, she deserves to be in there. I'm talking about it! See, that's how infectious that crap is. Especially when they're playing it all over every single Mainstream venue like I'm supposed to care. It's like when Manhunt 2 hit stores awhile back and everyone started getting up on how violent and gory it was...all the while Rockstar Games probally sold tons and tons of the game thru the entire thing because of all the free publicity the game got. (I actually rented was ok, I guess.)

Honestly, I'm basically only typing the first thing that pops into my head, so feel free to stop reading at any point at all. I'll forgive you for not reading thru it all, since I'm absolutly terrible at introduction posts. Seriously, whenever I join some forum, I end up sounding like some 12 year old posting on a forum.

You're still reading this? Why? I'm just typing random observations. It's not like I'm posting my thousands upon thousand reasons why I feel that our last president and his "wife" should be launched into space, pinned to a chair, fed thru a IV and be forced to listen to a audio recording of each and every single one of their transgressions towards the country and to humanity as Special relativity comes into play in a cruel and sadistic form of punishment, ensuring that their remaining years will be preparation for the hell they will go to when they die...

Or maybe I've just seen Voices of a Distant Star one too many times. I dunno.

Are you still reading? I'm honestly not that interesting when I get like this. I figured I'd get the first blog out of the way so the next one is actually far more interesting. Seriously, I figured I might have scared you off with the whole "sadistic death" thing.

I might as well end it before things get really bad. I promise that my next post will have far more substance to it. After all, the first post in any blog is supposed to be the best. Then, after that, people usually stop posting all together. I figured if I post Randomness for the first post, then I will feel the need to post another one showing exactly what I'm capable of.

Genius, I tell you!

...of course, the plan fails if you don't come back.

So here's hoping!


Laura said...

Congratulations on getting that first post over with....
I comment on your sister and dad's blogs so I may as well pester you as well. It would be a huge favor to your average intelligence readers if you limited the Latin references...I got C's in Latin, and just barely. I think that was only because I memorized a drinking song in Latin and my teacher thought it was funny.
And congratulations again...for reading through your first mundane comment.

Flession said...

Hey, at least I give the translation of what my blog means on the first post. :)

Many thanks for the first post.

Dad 2 eight said...

Loved the first post. The punishment for Clinton and spouse you outlined is much too merciful. However, as Christians, we are to believe that redemption is possible for any one and we should pray for Hillary and Bill that they might find.....Oh just let them go to blazes!!!


Flession said...

If they find redemption thru God, then praise them for it. However, I won't be shedding any tears if they end up missing the ride to Heaven.

Vanessa said...

all i have to say to this blog is honey i love you thats it, my comment is that simple lol

Anonymous said...
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